Arigna Water Supply Scheme

Arigna WSS located in North Roscommon supplies both the village of Arigna and the surrounding area. The water supply scheme consists of a borehole and spring source feeding into a treated water reservoir of approximately 66 m3.

Glan Agua Ltd offered an emergency water treatment plant proposal based on the following raw water inputs;

  • Iron; 2.07 mg/l
  • Manganese; 317 g/l
  • Turbidity; 4 NTU
  • Colour; 20 hazen
  • Spring source supply; 5 m3/hr (gravity)
  • Borehole supply; 10 m3/hr (pumped)

The solution offers Roscommon County Council an emergency containerized treatment plant with the hydraulic capacity of 15 m3/hr, which incorporates the following equipment;

  • Micron Filter (200 m) to remove any large stones or debris which may arise from the raw water sources at the site.
  • Primary separation to remove sand and coarse solids from the raw water source.
  • Chemical treatment with flash mixing which can cater for potassium permanganate, chemical oxidation, coagulation.
  • Multi media filters for the removal of oxidized metals and turbidity.
  • Granulated Activated Carbon filters to adsord organic particles and remove colour.
  • Provision of a third party validated UV disinfection unit.
  • Chemical disinfection with sodium hypochorite.
  • Fully automated control system with integrated PLC with sms dial out facility to operator.


Roscommon County Council

Client Representatives

Roscommon County Council


October 2011 – November 2011

Contract Value

€ 20,000
(CAPEX plus Monthly Rental Charge)


Arigna, Co Roscommon


January 28, 2021