Castletownbere Wastewater Treatment Plant Update

Glan Agua and MEIC have made significant progress on the Castletownbere Wastewater Treatment Plant project on behalf of Irish Water.


The main portion of the works was the integration of the existing sewerage infrastructure which composed of a number of independent catchments into a number of interlinked gravity/pumped mains to supply sewage to the new wastewater treatment plant.


These works included the provision of three new gravity sewers and four new pumping stations. The video featured below is of the construction activities at the Quay pumping station over the last number of weeks.

Back in March, Glan Agua and Irish Water held an online information event following the award of the Castletownbere Sewage Scheme and this provided all stakeholders an opportunity to review the scale of the project and outlined construction activities and durations.


Below is the traffic management plan that was presented to allow the public review and get an understanding of the required traffic management requirements using the Quay Gravity Main as an example.

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, community engagement has being a very important part of the construction activity. The local community have embraced the construction activities, understanding the significant benefits that the new wastewater treatment plant will bring to Castletownbere in terms of health, environmental benefits, greater tourism potential and improved water quality.


Installation of all of the required sewage network is now nearing completion and Glan Agua and MEIC would like to thank the local people and businesses of Castletownbere who have being extremely co-operative during the construction activities and as a result works have progressed on programme.

Glan Agua and MEIC are proud of what our team, working in collaboration with Irish Water as part of the Early Contractor Involvement Framework, have achieved to date in terms of delivery of this project.


Thanks again to the local community and we look forward to project completion in coming months.


July 1, 2021