Coill Dubh WWTP

Glan Agua. was awarded the Mechanical and Electrical contract for Coill Dubh WWTP Energy Efficiency Upgrade. The appointment consisted of the supply, installation, programming and commissioning of 4no variable speed drives and 2no. high efficiency 30kw motors. In addition 4no starter sections in the existing panel were refurbished with all redundant equipment removed. The variable speed drives were installed to improve the WWTP efficiency, performance and flexibility. The variable speed drives were installed on the inlet pumps and the air blowers. The existing motors on the blowers were also replaced with new high efficiency models. The WWTP total energy costs for the plant were reduced by 15% as a direct result of the improvements introduced under this contract. All works were successfully carried out on a live plant without any disruption to service.

  • Supply, install and commission 4 no VSDs (2no Inlet pumps and 2no Air Blowers)
  • Replace 2no 30kw air blower motors with high efficiency models.
  • Refurbish 4no panel starter sections to remove redundant equipment now obsolete due to VSD installation.
  • Install local lockable isolators for air blowers.
  • Programming of Inlet Pump VSDs for anti-blocking sequence.
  • Programming of Air Blower VSDs for timed automatic high and low speed functionality.
  • Working on live plant with no disruption to service.
  • Acted as Works Contractor, PSCS of the project.


Kildare County Council

Client Representatives

Kildare County Council


December 2011 – January 2012

Contract Value

€20 000


Coill Dubh, Co. Kildare


January 29, 2021