Glan Agua Install Pump as Turbine

Glan Agua Ltd, working in conjunction with Easy Hydro, have recently completed the installation and commissioning of a 10kW Pump as Turbine (PAT) at Fethard Water Treatment Plant.

The PAT has been installed onto an existing 1452m DN200 gravity main and will generate up to 30% of the treatment plant’s electricity requirement. The turbine’s 10kW inverter also has an integrated grid decoupling relay. This will allow Glan Agua to export excess energy to the electricity network when demand is low at the treatment plant.

The compact footprint of the turbine allowed for a quick install on the existing concrete base which eliminated the requirement for invasive civil works.

All water that passes through the PAT is discharged into the raw water tank for treatment, which ensures no water is wasted and allows all available energy to be recovered for consumption. The turbine performance can be monitored remotely via an interactive online dashboard.

Further enquiries regarding the turbine can be sent to


January 28, 2022