Letterfrack and Clonbur SS

Design and Build of two number Wastewater Treatment Plants in towns of Clonbur and Letterfrack, Co.Galway. Scope of works includes inter alia:

  • Inlet works including mechanical fine screening and grit removal
  • Forward feed pumping
  • Biological treatment plant for 710 persons and 800 persons
  • Sludge treatment drying facilities
  • Miscellaneous mechanical equipment
  • Remote control and telemetry equipment
  • Miscellaneous electrical equipment
  • Design and construction of ground strengthening (Piling) works on both sites with provision for future treatment plant expansion.
  • Design and construction of access road to tie in with new industrial estate road.
  • Temporary works including:
  • Maintenance and removal of existing temporary wastewater treatment plant on site
  • Dewatering facilities to control groundwater during construction
  • Design and construction of control buildings
  • Design and construction of fencing, site roads, site services and environmental measures.
  • Design and Construction of sludge reed beds
  • Maintenance of the treatment plants for 24 months

Site: Letterfrack

Population Served: 800 PE
Max. Flow to Treatment (3DWF): 576 m3/d
Storm Tank provided: No
Effluent Standard BOD/SS/TotP: 25/35/2
Reed Beds Design Capacity: 10 years
Pipelines length to be constructed: 515 m

Site: Clonbur

Population Served: 710 PE
Max. Flow to Treatment (3DWF): 511 m3/d
Storm Tank provided: Yes
Effluent Standard BOD/SS/TotP: 10/15/2
Reed Beds Design Capacity: 10 years
Pipelines length to be constructed: 305 m


Galway County Council

Client Representatives

Atkins Consulting Engineers


14th August 2008 – May 2009

Contract Value

€ 1 577 481


Towns of Clonbur and Letterfrack, Connemara, Co. Galway


January 29, 2021