Mount Talbot Four Roads PWSS

The Mount Talbot Four Roads PWSS Filtration and UV Disinfection project involved the design and construction of a treatment system providing filtration and disinfection to a spring source water at a peak design flow rate of 3, 200 m3/day. The overall scope of the project included;

  • Installation of a pressure filtration system with coagulation to remove elevated levels of turbidity up to 4 NTU and to increase UVT values upwards of 70%.
  • Installation of a dual disinfection system by means of chlorination and UV disinfection.
  • Installation of 2 no. UV units operating on duty/standby delivering a validated dose at 70% UVT.
  • Installation of new raw water spring source pumps to deliver water trough the new pressure filtration plant, a break pressure tank and new treated water high lift pumps to deliver treated water to the remote treated water reservoir.
  • Provision of backwash settlement with automated time delay for decant of settled backwash water


Roscommon County Council

Client Representatives

Roscommon County Council


August 2011- May 2012

Contract Value

€380 000


Mount Talbot, Co Roscommon


January 28, 2021