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Borehole drilling and installation

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Glan Agua Ltd have provided full turnkey solutions from the development of testing wells to full production wells. Glan Agua Ltd have conducted Borehole and Well inspections using CCTV to analyse existing well infrastructure, using this information to proactively develop full production wells. Glan Agua Ltd have a vast experience in the design and selection of all mechanical and electrical requirements for a completely developed production well. Once successfully commissioned the Borehole head works are left easy accessible for maintenance and operability.

Hydrological investigations

Glan Agua Ltd. provide hydrological investigation in all aspects of water and wastewater applications. including the monitoring, management of water and water resources. Our designated hydrologist investigates the effective flow of water through channels and pipes for the engineering and control of water provision. These investigations contributes to the efficient planning, development of water resources ensuring water is supplied in the most cost-effective manner and the least environmental impact.

Glan Agua use detailed data sources, computer modelling packages and other resources to collect, analyse and interpret data.

Independent sampling and testing

Glan Agua Ltd. has designated team of environmental scientists who independently sample and test water and wastewater treatment works thoughout the country. Glan Agua Ltd. have a designated water & wastewater laboratory. Glan Agua Ltd. currently run numerous long term DBO contracts and carry out all process and operational sampling and testing ourselves using external independent labs to verify results.




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