Cavan SS


Cavan Sewerage Scheme  Collection Network Improvement Works  Contract B  Pipeline and Manhole Rehabilitation Works

The contract includes for rehabilitation works to approximately 2,650 metres of main combined sewer and 49 no. associated manholes within the existing wastewater collection network on or adjacent to Railway Road in Cavan Town, Co. Cavan.

The contract includes for the following works:

  • Site clearance and establishment of access routes to rehabilitation works and subsequent reinstatement of the same to its original condition or better;
  • 2,650 metres of sewer cleaning pre CCTV survey works
  • 2,650 metres of CCTV surveying pre rehabilitation works
  • 2,650 metres of sewer cleaning pre rehabilitation works
  • 2,650 metres of full length structural liners
  • 14 No. Reopen lateral connections
  • 186 No. Robotic cuts for intrusions and obstructions
  • 2,650 metres of CCTV surveying post rehabilitation works
  • Cleaning and inspection survey of approximately 49 No. manholes
  • Supply and install approximately 5 No. new manhole covers and frames
  • Restore manhole benching in approximately 26 No. manholes
  • Reline 49 No. manhole chambers and shafts


Cavan County Council

Client Representatives

Nicholas O’Dwyer


October 2012 – May 2013

Contract Value

€ 451 249


Cavan Town


March 9, 2020