County Wicklow Disinfection Programme


Glan Agua have been selected as the Design & Build Contractor to deliver the Co Wicklow Disinfection Programme on behalf of Irish Water. This strategically important programme has been sanctioned by Irish Water to ensure county-wide water treatment plant compliance with their comprehensive potable water disinfection specifications. The core programme deliverable is the assurance of disinfection specification compliance, so as to ensure the delivery of potable water to the consumer.
The works are currently being delivered in a 2 stage process by Glan Agua in conjunction with Irish Water and Wicklow Co Council

Phase 1:? Water Treatment Plant Assessment
This stage involves the assessment of the condition and performance of the existing disinfection systems at 34 Water Treatment Plants and Chlorine Booster Pumping Stations in County Wicklow. A detailed analysis of the plant is completed, based on a thorough site survey coupled with a detailed review of the historical water treatment plant performance. The deliverable from this initial assessment phase is a detailed report which outlines
A. The areas in which the treatment plant fails to comply with regard to the disinfection specifications.
B. A detailed proposal which determines the works required to ensure that the treatment plant disinfection process meets the specified requirements.

Phase 2: Design, Supply, Construction & Commissioning of Necessary Upgrade Works
Following a Value Engineering review of the upgrade works proposed, the works to Design, Construct and Commission the upgrades are then delivered by Glan Agua. These works involves the following:
A. Upgrade of Chemical Storage Infrastructure.
B. Upgrade of Chemical Dosing Infrastructure.
C. Upgrade of Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Systems.
D. Upgrade and/or Construction of of Contact Time provision systems.
E. Upgrade of Instrumentation systems i.e.
a. Flow Monitoring Systems.
b. Free Chlorine Residual Monitoring Systems.
c. Turbidity Monitoring Systems.
d. pH Monitoring Systems.
e. Level Monitoring Systems.
F. Upgrade of Control & Automation through provision of stand-alone process control and automation PLC & HMI.
a. Generation of Critical Process Alarms.
b. Logging & Trending of Water Treatment Plant Performance Parameters.
c. Integration with the Countywide SCADA System.
G. Associated Civil Works.
H. Operator Training

Glan Agua have delivered the Phase 1 Consultancy/Design element of the programme working in conjunction with the Client. Glan Agua have ensured value-for-money for the client by implementing a partnership approach through the delivery of the Value Engineering Process.

Further to successful completion of the Phase 1 element of the programme, works have commenced on the delivery of Phase 2 of the Programme.

Glan Agua have once proven our ability to provide an all-encompassing Civil & MEICA Design & Construction service which ensures that our Client is assured of both Value for Money and comprehensive Project Solutions.


Irish Water


May 2015 – November 2015

Contract Value

€ 2 100 000


34 sites throughout Co. Wicklow


January 28, 2021