EMC2 Modification + WWTP Upgrade

Glan Agua Ltd. was awarded the contract for the modification and upgrade to WWTW at the EMC2 Corporation facility in Ovens Co. Cork.

The upgraded WWTP is based on extending the existing plant to cater for 2,800 PE. The upgraded plant comprises of a primary aeration/anoxic stage and a secondary nitrification plant based on submerged aerated filters (SAF). The biologically treated wastewater is clarified in a lamella clarifier before being discharged to outfall. Influent wastewater is mechanically screened before being delivered to the primary tank. Excess sludge is discharged to a gravity type sludge holding tank for thickening prior to removal off-site. The existing infrastructure comprising of pumping stations, an aeration tank, sludge holding tank and the existing clarifier are being retained and incorporated in the upgraded works.




December 2012 – May 2013


Ovens, Co.Cork


January 29, 2021