Lake Road Water Treatment

Lake Road Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

The project involved the design and construction of the upgraded plant including process, mechanical & electrical and control & automation. The Works consisted of the following:?

  • Provision of 1 no. containerized mobile pressure filtration systems including coagulant and chlorine disinfection dosing facilities.?
  • Installation of turbidity monitoring facilities.?
  • Installation of flow measurement facilities.?
  • Provision of fully automated control system for containerized mobile water treatment plant.?
  • Provision of system control panel to fully automate start/stop cycles of plant, pump changeover, etc.?
  • Alarm telemetry dial out facilities.?
  • Civil works including pipe laying, interconnections, chambers, ducting, etc.?
  • Complete M&E Installation of the works.?
  • Installation & commissioning of all works while maintaining the treated water output.?
  • Decommissioning and disposal of all redundant equipment.?
  • Other sundry works as required.?

The plant is designed?to produce drinking water to meet the current M.A.C specification, Drinking Water Directive S.I. 278 of 2007 as well as providing a?4 log reduction for Cryptosporidium.


Roscommon County Council


August 2013 – January 2014

Contract Value

? 150 000


January 29, 2021