Mayo + Sligo Disinfection

Mayo + Sligo Disinfection Programme

Glan Agua are currently in the process of delivering the Phase 1 (Site Assessment & Design Stage) of the Disinfection Programme at 48 Sites throughout Co. Mayo and Sligo. The programme is designed to bring all disinfection sites, primary and secondary, up to the same standard throughout Ireland. Irish Water have adopted the World Health Organisation approach to ensure that potable water is adequately disinfected and is free from any micro-organisms, parasites and from any substance which in numbers or concentrations can be a potential danger to human health.

The approach taken to determine the most effective method to upgrade the existing disinfection sites is agreed (during Phase 1 Stage) at value engineering workshops where representatives from Irish Water, Mayo/Sligo Co. Council and Glan Agua will finalise the scope of works required while utilising the existing infrastructure where possible. The outcomes of these workshops ensure that the most cost-effectivesolution is provided.


Irish Water


February 2016 – August 2016

Contract Value

? 2 710 000


January 28, 2013